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Plan your route before you arrive! Don't wait until landing at the airport to try and find your way to the meet-up location for your program. If possible, travel in a group with other students going to the same location. 


  • Research budget airlines in your host region before you leave.
  • For a better deal, be flexible and look for standbys.
  • Be conscious of weight restrictions for luggage.
  • Plan to arrive at the airport early.
  • Airline Fees: The Ultimate Guide


  • Know whether it is a direct bus route or one that makes frequent stops.
  • Know whether there is security on the bus, such as a guard and a bag check.
  • Know the different classes of buses so you can weigh the options of prices and levels of comfort.
  • Check if there are bathrooms on the bus.
  • For security, try to sit toward the front of the bus and the driver.
  • While buses are slower than trains or planes, it might be worth the cost discount and the opportunity to slowly see more of the country.


  • Always inquire about a student discount.
  • Start off traveling short distances and then add to your plans.
  • Rate the benefits of the Inter-city train vs. regional train. For example, regional trains make more stops and are slower.
  • Plan to use overnight train cars and sleep on the train if you're travelling a long distance.