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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Zachary D Akins unavailable
Armando Araiza ARMANDO.ARAIZA@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Armando Araiza unavailable
Rachid Assad Gil unavailable
Megan Avellana MEGAN.AVELLANA@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Rebecca E Bria REBECCA.BRIA@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Devon Johanna Donohue-Bergeler unavailable
Roger Enriquez ROGER.ENRIQUEZ@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Roger Enriquez unavailable
Hanan C Gandara unavailable
Michael Garza MICHAEL.GARZA3@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Isabelle Hall ISABELLE.HALL@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Isabelle Hall unavailable
Alina Michelle Hinojosa unavailable
Matthias Hofferberth MATTHIAS.HOFFERBERTH@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Joseph Eliot Howard ELIOT.HOWARD@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Seok Kang SEOK.KANG@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Hyewon Kim unavailable
Amelia Lynn King-Kostelac unavailable
Estefania Lavin Medina unavailable
Carissa Layla Melendez unavailable
Linda Merari Moreno unavailable
Catherine A Nolan-Ferrell CATHERINE.FERRELL@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Katja Pfeiffer Schlittler unavailable
Rica Ramirez RICA.RAMIREZ@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Nathan Richardson unavailable
Maribel Saldierna unavailable
Eric Christopher Shattuck ERIC.SHATTUCK@UTSA.EDU unavailable
John Sutterby JOHN.SUTTERBY@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Maddie Test Podium unavailable
Dr. Claudia Trevino Garcia unavailable
Diane C Vasquez unavailable
Melissa Lou Wallace MELISSA.WALLACE@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Bastian Wibranek BASTIAN.WIBRANEK@UTSA.EDU unavailable
Mimi W Yu MIMI.YU@UTSA.EDU unavailable
UTSA Study Abroad
This table shows a listing of staff members.
UTSA Study Abroad serves all students participating in international learning experiences, including study abroad, campus exchanges, global internships, field research, volunteering, and more!
Name Email Phone
Study Abroad 210-458-4681
Chephren Ryan Branconier unavailable
Ms. Julieta Maria Martinez Mendoza 210-458-4681
Ms. Rosa Virginia Mendez 210-458-8208
Marcos Antonio Reynoso unavailable
Rhonda Waller RHONDA.WALLER@UTSA.EDU unavailable