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Course Credit

The number of academic credit hours a student earns and where it is applied toward his/her degree program while studying abroad depends on the study abroad program.

Before departure, you will need to speak with your Academic Advisor to determine if the selected courses abroad will be accepted and applied to the degree plan to meet graduation requirements.  
  • Credit earned from a Provider/Exchange Program is earned as transfer credit. Students who study abroad in approved programs remain UTSA students for the duration of their program. Official transcripts from college or university abroad must be mailed back to the Office of International Programs in order to those credits to be processed.
  • Participants in a UTSA Faculty-Led Study Abroad program are typically registered in resident UTSA courses. For those programs students pay UTSA tuition and enroll in UTSA courses that are taken abroad.
  • Participants in a UTSA approved international research, field study, or internship program will be registered in a UTSA shell course or will register with their department for the appropriate course.  Tuition and fees will vary depending upon the amount of credit hours approved for the international experience.