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Course Credit FAQs


Do my study abroad credits get transferred in?
For all programs in which you receive a foreign transcript, courses will be transferred with the grade that was earned.  If the credit is issued by U.S. Institution of Record the courses will also be transferred with the grade that was earned.

I must consult my Academic Advisor before going abroad in order to have all of my courses approved.
UTSA cannot guarantee credit for a course that has not been approved by your Academic Department. Please see your Academic Advisor to begin the approval process for your program of study.

Are my grades from abroad averaged into my cumulative grade-point average?
Your grades are averaged into your GPA.

How can graduate students study abroad?
Although most programs are geared toward undergraduate students, there are program options for graduate students. You can search our online database for programs, or speak with an Education Abroad advisor about options. Approval is required from your graduate advisor before you can go abroad.

How is credit processed for graduate students?
If graduate students are participating in a program in which credits will be transferred to UTSA, they will need to have the transcript sent to the UTSA Graduate School.  It is vitally important that students coordinate with their Graduate Advisor and Faculty Mentor to ensure that all coursework taken abroad can be applied to the degree plan to meet graduation requirements.

What will happen if I fail a course?
You will receive transfer credit of an F on your UTSA transcript.