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Helping Your Student Prepare

Perhaps one of the most difficult things for parents is taking a step back. It is not easy to let your student take responsibility for the complex task of preparing for study abroad. Yet this is one of the best ways that you can set your student up for a successful study abroad experience.

You should be available and ready to lend your student help, advice, and support, but it is critically important that you let your student take responsibility for planning the experience.
Study abroad is one of the best ways that students can venture into the world, gaining a better understanding of its diversity, complexity, and potential unity.  Your student has made the decision to venture into the wider world. Here are some resources that will allow you to support your student's education abroad. 

Your student may experience culture shock, both upon arrival in his or her new location, and then again upon return. These helpful sites may help you assist your child with his or her experience.