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What are the requirements?
Most programs require a 2.5 cumulative GPA for Undergraduates and a 3.0 for Graduate Students. You must have sophomore status at the time of travel. Check language requirements for non–English speaking countries.  Any exception will be reviewed and approved (or disapproved) by the dean of the college that is sponsoring the faculty-led study abroad activity.  Individual programs may have additional requirments or course pre-requisites.

When should I apply?
UTSA recommends that you begin your application process at least 6 months before the semester in which you would like to participate. Make sure you meet the deadline requirements.

Are all majors welcomed?
Yes. Students from all majors can study abroad. Program options may be more limited with some majors, however.

Can I use financial assistance?
Yes. Check with the Financial Aid Office and an Education Abroad Advisor for more details.

Can I go to school in another country with little foreign language experience?
It is always to a student’s advantage to know as much of the native language as possible, but there are programs available where courses are taught in English. There are a variety of programs and language requirements.

Can I go on a field study, internship or research trip for academic credit?
Possibly. UTSA has a policy that allows both undergraduate and graduate students study abroad for academic credit. However, your program must meet specific requirements, and you must receive approval from both your academic or graduate advisor, the chair of your department and the Office of International Programs. You will be enrolled in a placeholder course at UTSA during your time abroad. There are specific requirements for students who plan to do field study, internships or research trips for credit. 

Will I be able to transfer academic credit?
Your Academic Advisor and your Education Abroad Advisor will help you determine if you will be able to receive credit for the courses taken abroad. Usually, the answer is yes, but courses must be approved by your Academic Advisor and your college before you leave. 

Can I apply if I am a transfer student?
Yes. You have to meet the requirements the semester before departure. 

Can graduate students go?
Yes, but the available programs may be limited. Consult the program director for eligibility before applying.
You also may be able to do research abroad. Talk with your graduate advisor to see if this is a possibility.

Can seniors apply?
UTSA does not recommend this because of potential delay in graduation. You must have the dean’s permission to waive residency requirements.

Is Student International Travel Accident and Sickness Insurance required?
Yes, The UT System mandates that students participating in approved study abroad programs have appropriate overseas insurance coverage for the dates of their University of Texas at San Antonio San Antonio approved study abroad period. Student International Travel Accident and Sickness Policy is through ACE American Insurance Company/Chubb.  The cost of the insurance is $20 per week.  This fee will cover the cost of student travel accidents, sickness Insurance, and travel services while on UTSA approved programs. Students are advised to maintain their primary healthcare coverage while abroad.  Waivers are not permissible.