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Which Program Is Best for Me?

UTSA Faculty-Led Programs

Faculty-led programs are arranged by a faculty member who wishes to teach a course abroad. These programs most often run during the summer. Program length varies from two weeks to a full semester. These trips are led and coordinated by the faculty member in charge.

Program costs include UTSA tuition, a program fee, plus any associated costs. UTSA faculty-led programs can be found by entering a search with the terms "Abroad UTSA" in the database.

Exchange Programs

Exchange programs allow students to study at a university with which UTSA has a special agreement. Under an exchange program, students pay normal the equivalent of 15 credit-hours of in-state tuition and fees at UTSA and all other costs are paid to the host university. These programs are competitive. You can attend for either a semester or an an academic year.

Current UTSA Exchange Programs

Third-Party Study Abroad Programs

These programs are coordinated and managed by outside organizations and companies.  Program costs are set by each program provider. Costs vary by the length of the program, location, and cost of living. Programs are available for the summer terms, fall semester, spring semester, or academic year.  A wide variety of academic offerings are available across the different programs.  It is important to meet with your academic advisor to determine how the academic coursework may apply to your UTSA degree.